This is my current professional portfolio- highlights for you to see a snapshot of my work for different clients, and my self publishing projects.

I’ve included both sequential and pinup for you to check out.

If you like what you see- check out the main page of my website for more information about my current projects, and in depth writeups of what I’m currently doing!






























crossed_torture_scene___colors_nude_variant_1_by_jason_lenox-dajfo86Jason Lenox Gorgon MedusaCybermen 12th Cyber Legion Lenox2

Jason Lenox THE THING color by Danirobocop_vs__ed209_colors_by_jason_lenox-da94rkvAttack on Titan by Jason Lenox



















































































predator_and_hounds_colors_by_jason_lenox-dalvg8cJason Lenox Sequential Sample 2


















































Jason Lenox Sequential Page Example






















Jason Lenox 2 page Sequential Action Sample



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  1. Wade Harrison says:

    Are you a Lambda Chi Alpha? I’m asking because that looks almost exactly like the one on our crest!

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