“No Animal Shall Drink Alcohol” 22″ x 17″

Another “Animal Farm” Image with Squealer walking one of the dogs tending to the manufacture of moonshine at a makeshift still…

“No Animal Shall Drink Alcohol” 2 of 2

“No Animal Shall Drink Alcohol” 1 of 2

“1984 Ministry of Love” Pencils 22″ x 17″

The frightful world of Oceania in 1984 at the Ministry of Love … The Ministry of Love (NewspeakMiniluv) serves as Oceania’s interior ministry. It enforces loyalty to Big Brother through fear, buttressed through a massive apparatus of security and repression, as well as systematic brainwashing. The Ministry of Love building has no windows and is surrounded by barbed wire entanglements, steel doors, hidden machine-gun nests, and guards armed with “jointed truncheons

“1984 Ministry of Love” Pencils 2 of 2

“1984 Ministry of Love” Pencils 1 of 2


The doomed horse of Animal Farm under one of the Rules of Animalism



Hey everyone, here is my latest convention tour shirt based on the 2003 Type O Negative album “Life is Killing Me”.  You can place your order on Etsy  HERE . The shirts will be available in late January for shipping or pickup.  The top image is the front of the shirt, and the bottom image is the back.  May you have a great 2019 and I hope to see you soon!

Front artwork

Fáfnir the Serpent 22″x17″

So I revisited my older Nidhogg effort which seemed cramped in too small a space with too many elements- you can see that effort here.

The goal here was to show a Norse Dragon in flight, so I went with the mighty Fáfnir the serpent as opposed to the Nidhogg.  I will need to revisit the Nidhogg with the world tree in the future.

Fáfnir the Serpent 22″x17″ 2 of 2

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