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“Satanic Communion” – Lower Triptych 1 of 3 Pencils

“Odin, Sleipnir, Geri, Freki, Huginn & Muninn” Final Pencils

The Leader of the Norse Gods, Odin, and his host of familiars!

“Odin, Sleipnir, Geri, Freki, Huginn & Muninn” Pt 1 Pencils

Odin on his 8 legged horse, Sleipnir!!

“Odin, Sleipnir, Geri, Freki, Huginn & Muninn” Pt 2 Pencils

Odin’s Magic Wolves and Ravens…


These were two fun sketch covers I did at Free Comic Book Day this year on some of my blank “Lords of the Cosmos” #1 sketch variants!


“Satanic Bagpiper” – Final Pencils

And the combined Scene in the Church of Hell- with my Satanic Scottish Bagpiper!

Satanic Bagpiper In Hell pt2 – Pencils

…And the Satanic Scotsman to Lead the way on the bagpipes!

Satanic Bagpiper In Hell pt1 – Pencils

Another large scale piece in my “Satanic Artwork” series… Stained Glass – so gorgeous, and so hard to make “right”!


“Children of Loki- Hel, Fenrir and Jormungandr” – Pencils

The Monstrous Children of Loki… Hel, Fenrir and Jormungandr .

Hel – Pencils

The Youngest of Loki’s Three Children – the Goddess of the Underworld, Hel … Part 2 of 2

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