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Lords of the Cosmos Issue #2- Alternate Cover with Obsidia

So, I really wanted to make this “Obsidia Stabbing a Victim” our theme for the art around issue #2.  And This is my alternate P.O.V. cover version that is a nod to the revised page 5 here , as well as the pose from the revised main cover here.  And- just a bit of  “Fan Service” with one of our sexy, evil characters!



Lords of the Cosmos Issue #2 Main Cover- Revised

I made some edits to this to get it “better”- hands, face, wings on the horse etc.  These are slight changes, but I think it brought the quality of the art up a few notches.

Original version here.

Lords of the Cosmos Issue 2, Page 5 Revised Pencils

This page got some edits to bring the main action panel in the bottom left corner up to where I wanted it to be quality wise.  I did that over a year ago, and when I was working on getting the cover for issue 2 cleaned up and the alternate cover completed, this page really fell short.  You can see the original version here.

Norse Goddess Freya – Pencils

Last artwork of 2016- and this one was TOUGH!!  The chariot, perspective and cats were a challenge to say the least.

I loved how this one turned out, but it was not easy.

Enjoy Freya- the Norse Goddess of Love and War in her cat chariot, with her cloak of falcon feathers and necklace Brísingamen .

Lords of the Cosmos Sketch Covers 8-14

Part one of two of the sketch covers for the Kickstarter to LORDS OF THE COSMOS #1 which you can check out here !


Lords of the Cosmos Sketch Covers 1-7

Part one of two of the sketch covers for the Kickstarter to LORDS OF THE COSMOS #1 which you can check out here !



Baby Baphomet

A bit of spin off horror artwork from my “Black Mass Wedding” found here.

I really wanted to get a Goat into that art, but there was no room, so I just did a small one off to “scratch that itch”!



Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Pencils

Another in my dystopian book cover series.. the Philip K. Dick classic. Making an “Electric Sheep” was harder than initially thought, it ended up being more or less like religious artwork with the digital square motif to allude to an android’s “dream bubble”.



This is my personal art for the end of 2016 for my 2017 tee shirts- lots going on here, this project goes back to running into a relative that joined a lame metal band, and I was inspired to make some black metal art.

Here you go- Satanism, the undead, illuminati, freemasonry, and astrology = 100 % Metal



The transfer to pen and ink led to multiple changes here- especially with the 4 hands that Sun Wukong has.

Very complex anatomy and angles on a monkey that is “sort of” human…  a challenging project indeed.



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