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“It is a rare day that I am wowed by a comic.  Typically, I find them kitsch and cliched, with an over-abundance of muscle-bound dudes in tights or obvious shameful attempts of hot chick characters.  This is not one of those comics.  In fact, ‘Through the Eyes of Grizelda’ is one of those comics that really stands out to me as something exceptionally original.  So original, I felt obliged to make sure the gaming industry and our fans were able to see it.

Both of the short comics presented here give a great taste of what Ugli Studios can do. Both stories really gave me a wry smile, they are very cleverly written and enjoyable.  I present these because our fans will want to read them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.”

-Brian “Necroblivion” Berg, CEO of TPK Games


2014 Jason Lenox Tee Shirt

Jason Lenox Judas Priest Theme Tee Front

Jason Lenox store back tee shirt

“A new Judas Priest themed tour shirt with Jason’s artwork showcasing his appearance schedule for 2014 – art on front & back, red printing on black tees- an awesome way to look metal!” $15 for S-XL and $17 for 2XL + shipping 



“A violent western set in the backdrop of a dangerous Northern California town in 1850 as a land deal gone wrong turns the wheels of violence on the guilty and innocent alike and only one man is willing to stand up for what’s right, Elijah Holman….. ” The special edition of Jason Lenox’s western has 22 sequential pages & new front and back cover artwork and features 5 guest artists adding new extra artwork. Black and White, Autographed. Shipping Included $6

Art of Jason Lenox – Volume #1

001 cover
THE ART OF JASON LENOX – VOLUME #1 – Jason’s first art collection is 32 pages of pinups, posters, personal projects, sketches – An incredible collection of the last 12 months of Jason Lenox’s Violent, Sexy & Exotic Freelance Work (2011-2012)- …all in one awesome book for you to enjoy! Price includes shipping. $6

Ugli Studios Presents #2

Three artists, three unique visions, one hardcore anthology comic – Ugli Studios Presents: #2. Jason Lenox’s Second full length comic book with his 22 page epic- “The Painted Ladies of San Quentin” along with Joe Freistuhler and Brian Allen providing their own short stories- “Thirteen” and “The Courier”! Full Color, 38 Pages, Autographed. Price includes shipping. $7

Store Sketch Icon

Sketch in Art of Jason Lenox – Volume #1

Sketch in Art of Jason Lenox – Volume #1 Full Color, This package includes a custom penned sketch inserted on an intentionally black page inside the Volume#1 Book. Autographed. Shipping Included -$26

UGLI Studios Presents #1

UGLI STUDIOS PRESENTS – COMIC BOOK – 32 interior pages & incredible front and back cover. Jason Lenox’s first full length comic book! Full Color, Autographed. Shipping Included -$6


18×24 on Satin Paper Stock – Autographed. Shipping Included $40


OFFICIAL THROUGH THE EYES OF GRIZELDA POSTER – 18×24 on Satin Paper Stock – Autographed. Shipping Included $40

2013 Jason Lenox Tee Shirt

“A metal band style tour shirt with Jason’s appearance schedule for 2013 – art on front & back, gold printing on black tees- a great way to look sharp and show off some killer artwork!” $15 for S-XL and $17 for 2XL + shipping 


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