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“Do What Thou Wilt” Version 2

I went back to the well on this one and redrew this Satanic character. The body and anatomy needed a rebuild. You can see the original version here and compare and contrast! #hailsatan.

Lady Vi Commission “Church of the Satanatrix”

So this ended up being 22″ wide and 51″ high… it capped a 3+ year arc of Satanic artwork. My largest and most different stained glass and a full client commission with Lady Vi of Seattle taking center stage in this after she found my other work online. You can find Lady Vi here at her website!

Some scale photos of the artwork as well to put it into perspective

Jason at the Church of the Satanatrix
The Church of the Satanatrix is now in session! 22″x51″

And of course her social media tags…
 #SeattleDominatrix#SeattleDomina #SeattleMistress #LadyVi#Succubus #FemaleSupremacy #Satanatrix#Satanist #Sinner #Satan #Mistress#Dominatrix #Domina #PinUp #Tattooed#FetishModel #YesMistress ‪#EatPreySin

Lady Vi Commission Closeup

Lady Vi Commission 6 of 6

Lady Vi Commission 5 of 6

Lady Vi Commission 4 of 6

Lady Vi Commission 3 of 6

Lady Vi Commission 2 of 6

Lady Vi Commission 1 of 6


The second Satanic Cat wave ends on this soon to be rainbow colored pentagram with hissing 666 wearing kitten in front…

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