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The doomed horse of Animal Farm under one of the Rules of Animalism


Nidhogg 22″x17″

So I revisited my older Nidhogg which seemed cramped in too small a space with too many elements- you can see that effort here.

The goal here was to show the mighty Nidhogg in flight, and I need to revisit him later at the world tree…

Nidhogg 22″x17″ 2 of 2

Nidhogg 22″x17″ 1 of 2

Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad 22×17″

The combined Sheep Poster from Animal Farm.


Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad 2 of 2

Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad 1 of 2

“Animal Farm: Pincher” Pencils

“Lilith 4: Ritual” Double Triptych 34″x34″ Pencil on Board

The follow up to my last large piece from 2017 … you can see “Satanic Communion” here.  This also is the fourth and last of the “Lilith” Series in my Satanic themed artwork.


Satanic Coat of Arms

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