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LORDS OF THE COSMOS: Disciples of Umex Pinup #4 – Pencils

“Golut the Tek Dwarf and two of his monstrous creations lurch across Planet Aiden in search of wanton destruction as they hope to eliminate the LORDS OF THE COSMOS once and for all!”

Thoughts and Notes-

So I managed to get a robotic snake head with needles for teeth injections in next to a butcher knife head on the larger monster- I had a fetish going with snakes after my recent “Gorgon Medusa” Project.  Additionally, I had a pile of reference from my prior snake-centric project, as well as some templates I had made from my own work with tracing paper to make rattlesnake heads- so it was a natural move to use one here.  The twist was to make it not a true snake like my last project, thus the robotic snake look.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    …………The two headed brute ended up channeling that blocky G1-G2 Transformer toy look- esp. with the howitzer/gun on the back- Onslaught the Combaticon comes to mind if you know what that is check him out here.  And I would have never realized how HARD those blocky Transformer type characters are to draw- much respect to anyone working in that world drawing these kinds of characters all the time! Since our goal from day one was to base this whole project on an 80’s toy line that never existed, this keeps the project in line visually with what we wanted.
A very vague character write up came with the slime character, so I made it slime in a powered suit that gives it a human like shape- in addition to the wires on the suit it has wires coming out of the Umex team logo on his head- communication and control system.  One issue that came up-I had to fight hard to keep him looking like a minion- originally I had one big eye, and I was like “oh sh!t- it’s a minion!” so he got a face full of smaller eyes to break it up.  Totally unintentional, glad I caught it before fellow artist Chris Flick who is always drawing minion mash-ups called me on it!
We are still working on names for the two monster/creatures, so we’ll get back to you on that one.
Golut has a World War two era flamethrower and his nuclear backpack- go violent hate dwarf!  I used the basic template from Warhammer 40K and that genre of metal miniature dwarves to get the “look” for Golut down.
..These three characters have been hard to get on paper, this was actually the third attempt to get them down, and it finally worked- some of my below sketches are from aborted attempts to work out these odd characters in design and composition- an evil dwarf and his evil machinations proved to be a larger challenge than I could have imagined.  Anyway, it made the finished work much sweeter to finally get completed and out of my head and sketchbooks!
………………………………………………………………………………                                                     Below are sketches, the minion look in progress piece that I caught in time , and final pencils
Lords of the Cosmos Disciples of Umex Pinup 4 Jason Lenox
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          My Minion Realization scan…
Not a Damn Minion!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Behind the scenes progress, sketchbook notes on some of the characters and composition study
2014-12-20 101010 2014-12-20 101219 - Copy 2014-12-20 101937 - Copy 2014-12-20 102412

Gorgon Medusa – Final Pencils

A really fun commission of a mythological creature I have wanted to draw for a while, and when a client asks, for this I couldnt resist.

Of note-

1- I really wanted to make a pretty woman under those snake scales, and do an angle to enhance the fact that her face has depth and form- not a front on portrait style composition.

2- The snakes- gorgeous but hard to get them right.  My first draft (below) had it like a headscarf with 5 snakes, it just didnt really look good, even though it was easy to “account” for all the snakes.  Then I mixed it up and made her hair more of a forest of snakes, which visually looked much better- it was just harder to make sure the physical layout of the snakes made sense.  Finally- getting the “curve” on the snake bodies was a trick, I kept drawing them straight, and it seemed wrong, I had to really get into the less simple snake layouts and make myself get into the snake anatomy (like you thought there was any?!)  Then those changes affected the physical layout at times (mentioned above) which made that part difficult to say the least.

I loved the final pencil art here, but it was a rough road.  This piece really ends up being a companion piece to “Vampire Lich King”, which is highlighted by the square shape as a framing device behind her.  You can see that other art here.


Final Draft


Jason Lenox Gorgon Medusa

























First draft


Jason Lenox Gorgon First Draft

LORDS OF THE COSMOS: Disciples of Umex Pinup #4 – Final Pencils


The matching bookend page of the main villain, Umex the Defiler in a solo appearance to signify his importance to the story and his place as a leader of the forces of Evil in the world of Aiden.   You can see the main hero, Aegeus, in his solo page here.

While Aegeus was straight up and down and stoic- symbolic of his straight forward approach to law and order- Umex is on an angle, and is moving, the slanted angle (dutching or the “dutch angle” read about that visual concept here) hints at his twisted nature.  Small details of note- nuclear fallout ash is in the air, and an ominous dual black tower on a 3 pt. perspective dominates the background with a bridge going to a single door that connects the evil looking structures.

Other challenges were to show another angle (right side v. left side) with Umex, which is important to me as a creator to not repeat poses (unless I have to!) and to make a scary and dynamic composition for this character in his spotlight page.  On a technical note- getting all of Umex’s odd shapes and body armor correct on the angle he is standing at was difficult- you can see many of my erased lines as I struggled at times with the anatomy, proportions and perspective.

Below are the final pencils, in process pencils and a small poster I made with the artwork as a promo piece on Manga Studio 5.

Enjoy the leader of the DISCIPLES OF UMEX!

Jason Lenox Umex Lords of the Cosmos
























Promo Poster of Umex

Jason Lenox LORDS OF THE COSMOS Umex Poster
























In Progress Sketch of Umex

Jason Lenox Lords of the Cosmos Umex














LORDS OF THE COSMOS: Aegeus and the Lords of the Cosmos Pinup #4 – Final Pencils

Another showcase pinup of the Heroes of the Lords of the Cosmos Team!

Icepaw the Polar Warrior, Orchamemnon the MechaFlower, and Ironshell the War Turtle.

Icepaw ended up being the easiest of the three, I was really plesae with the subtle facial structure I was able to learn about and then execute using reference of real polar bears. Ironshell brought out my inner Warhammer 40k geek of showing a gigantic war creature, and I feel I was successful in giving the creature a sense of grand scale.  Orchamemnon was hard, really hard.  The original creature description we made almost a year ago was very similar to Groot, so I moved away from that, and wanted to keep it a plant based character.  So I put a flower in a machine, which caused me to really get involved in the engineering of his mechanical transit robot body- rulers, compasses and drafting tools really became important.  I needed more space than usual to actually show the legs, arms and flower globe to the viewer- thus 3 characters not 4 or 5.  I am attaching the final pencils and the tracing paper I used to make sure that what you see works out with the parts that Icepaw hides with his bear sized body.



Jason Lenox Lords of the Cosmos Team Pinup 4

























Tracing study of Orchamemnon’s robot body- note my see through compass tracings to get the proportions, and mechanical engineering correct behind Icepaw!  I made a small sketch of the entire machine in the lower right hand corner for my own reference as I worked to find out “how would this thing work?”


Jason Lenox Orchamemnon Trace Study with Icepaw

LORDS OF THE COSMOS: Aegeus and the Lords of the Cosmos Pinup #3 – Final Pencils

Lords of the Cosmos… ASSEMBLE!!- Four new heroes get their debut into our new universe….Aviteus, Mechaspring, Shar-dor the Ice Assassin and (one as yet to be named, go go writing team!)  Watch them swing into action against the evil of Umex and his Disciples!

Aviteus- a roughly humanoid hero with a bird head, arms with extended wings attached and two powerful legs ending in vicious bird claws. Descended from the great man-Rocs of old, Aviteus soars the skies of Aiden searching for the stain of Umex upon the land. Along with Green Man’s animal spies, Aviteus serves as scout and first striker for the Disciples of Umex. His massive talons can tear flesh and rend metal when their diamond tips are exposed, but by Aegeus’s order Aviteus keeps them shod in dragon-hide leathers. Though he respects Aegeus’s ethos and stalwart resolve he longs to feel the flesh of his foes rent asunder under the might of his magnificent talons

Mechaspring: An injured and escaped Slave who fled to the mysterious RUST MOUNTAINS, where he fashioned ancient Tek-Dwarf technology to make himself a new pair of legs and arms. Now he leaps from hiding to free other slaves, making him the bane of the slavers and Umex’s agents in the harsh RUST MOUNTAINS.

Shar-Dor – The Ice Assassin From the Frozen South, where the temperature never climbs above freezing, this jagged prince can form his body into icicles of death. He can melt himself down and reform into whatever shape meets his needs. He rides his great Polar Bear, GRAUL, and swings his ice scimitar.

(Un-Named Character still under construction)

Jason Lenox Lords of the Cosmos Team Pinup 2 edit

LORDS OF THE COSMOS: Aegeus and the Lords of the Cosmos Pinup #2 – Final Pencils

So I did a full character study of my main hero- the nearly invincible Aegeus, and it was a challenge- I learned the pain of drawing a roman helmet, folded arms and did some retro work on his original pinup appearance from a few weeks ago to get his image in line in both works.  I placed Aegeus at the bottom of Mount Dragonspine, the location of the Lords of the Cosmos’s base of operations.

Two items of note- my son drew a brown crayon mark over the moon, and I really was happy with his sword belt and scabbard with links to the belt, my drafting tools and some reference really knocked this one detail out of the park.  And for a behind the scenes here is my son and I drawing below the artwork right before he got me with that damn crayon!

Jason Lenox Aegeus LOTC Pinup 2 edit

Jason Lenox and Son Drawing Lords of the Cosmos

LORDS OF THE COSMOS: Disciples of Umex Pinup #3 – Pencils

The Villains of LORDS OF THE COSMOS in their third pinup- the pencils were wrapped on this last night, so it’s exciting to share since Decaptor was discussed with Jason Palmatier and Dennis Fallon in early 2014.


DECAPTOR leads the cold evil of CYBER-CRAB, the dangerous MUTANT FLYER and the feline fury of HEXALOR-7 against the heroes of the planet Aiden!

Decaptor held the whole composition hostage until I could get that head made up- he has Laser, Mutation, Monster and Fire as head units, like light bulbs.  I channeled 19982’s THE THING and made a mouth with no eyes- and that set the entire piece to a fruitful ending- one day start to finish. I had scraps on notepads of the MUTANT FLYER from the Umex Pinup with Bonesaw, but Belchor filled that area before I could come up with the flying creature for the bad guys- I just had to use it!

Enjoy these villains before they get you!

Lords of the Cosmos Pinup #4 Jason Lenox


Lords of the Cosmos- Mordantix Commission

So this was a personal milestone- the first time I got paid to do a commission of one of my own characters- one of the villains from LORDS OF THE COSMOS- the living acid tank… Mordantix.

I forgot how complex his design was- so I tried to give it all to my client at the Hershey Comic Con in his sketch book, which was filled with other sketches from amazing artists!  Check out your first LORDS OF THE COSMOS Commission- hopefully one of many!

Jason Lenox Lords of the Cosmos - Mordantix

Lords of the Cosmos; Page 1 – Pencils

So a broad establishing shot- the Planet Aiden- home of the action for the LORDS OF THE COSMOS and THE DISCIPLES OF UMEX.

Oddly this was harder than it looked to do, and I had to push myself to make a good composition, my original sketches were very narrow and small, just the kind of thing you would scold someone for in a basic composition class.  I think the simplicity of planets, orbits and circles tended to just blind me to how hard this was to do.  I was inspired by the old Flash Gordon comics from the 1930’s to add the “energy lines” coming in to give the idea that you the viewer are “swooping” into the action.

The moons helped build some much needed depth in conjunction with the “energy lines”

For an intro page, I think I got the point across.  Welcome to Planet Aiden!

Lords of the Cosmos Page 1 Pencils Jason Lenox


LORDS OF THE COSMOS: Aegeus and the Lords of the Cosmos Pinup #1 – Final Pencils

“Lord Aegeus and Queen Prizm leading the Wasp Soldier Vespulan, Cybernetic Elk Soldier Ant-Lor and their loyal Sargent at Arms the Savage Felinex! as they prepare to fight the evil UMEX and his legions of biologically and mechanically enhanced henchmen on the planet Aiden!”



So the flip side of the villains from the first LORDS OF THE COSMOS pinup here now we see the heroes assembling!

It the other side of a coin, reversed direction, but a similar layout/composition to the first pinup of Umex and company.  The hero’s logo worked out well and the demeanor and posture of these characters stand in stark contrast to the villains- this was a really fun piece that drew on my love for Greek Mythology- enjoy, I look forward to inking this in the next few days!  Thanks to my friends Stormy and Anna for giving me some great reference for Queen Prizm!

Below is my initial thumbnail and a design for Queen Prizm that gave me the initial idea for her pose and costume.

** Edited with new pencils after edits on the cat’s head- really needs some actual cat reference after I made the head for Hexalor 7 so realistic, see that artwork here for what I made after this on the evil cat character that made me go back and change this cat character .. and switched the main helmeted hero’s head to a profile- there were some fundamental errors on getting that helmet done correctly on an angle, and the female being a pure profile threw me off.  When I did the pure character study on Aegeus (see above from 11/26/2014) I really had to go back and get this one correct.  Since that newer art had his head on a slight angle, I could go and do this as a side profile and not duplicate myself- so below are the final pencils (top) and the one proceeding it below – internal monologue over!**

Jason Lenox Lords of the Cosmos Team Pinup 1 FINAL EDIT a

























Pencils before final edits

Jason Lenox Lords of the Cosmos Aegeus Pinup FINAL



Stormy Pose Ref. Sketch - Copy


Lords of the Cosmos Thumbnail

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