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Category: Pencil Work

Norse Goddess Freya – Pencils

Last artwork of 2016- and this one was TOUGH!!  The chariot, perspective and cats were a challenge to say the least.

I loved how this one turned out, but it was not easy.

Enjoy Freya- the Norse Goddess of Love and War in her cat chariot, with her cloak of falcon feathers and necklace Brísingamen .

Lords of the Cosmos Sketch Covers 8-14

Part one of two of the sketch covers for the Kickstarter to LORDS OF THE COSMOS #1 which you can check out here !


Lords of the Cosmos Sketch Covers 1-7

Part one of two of the sketch covers for the Kickstarter to LORDS OF THE COSMOS #1 which you can check out here !



Baby Baphomet

A bit of spin off horror artwork from my “Black Mass Wedding” found here.

I really wanted to get a Goat into that art, but there was no room, so I just did a small one off to “scratch that itch”!



Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Pencils

Another in my dystopian book cover series.. the Philip K. Dick classic. Making an “Electric Sheep” was harder than initially thought, it ended up being more or less like religious artwork with the digital square motif to allude to an android’s “dream bubble”.



This is my personal art for the end of 2016 for my 2017 tee shirts- lots going on here, this project goes back to running into a relative that joined a lame metal band, and I was inspired to make some black metal art.

Here you go- Satanism, the undead, illuminati, freemasonry, and astrology = 100 % Metal


Sun Wukong “Monkey King” Pencils

A detour into ancient Chinese Mythology with the fabled “Monkey King”, Sun Wukong, of the tale Journey to the West.

Most of the art for this character is very humanoid, and I wanted to go real monkey, which was visually cool, but really hard with the odd anatomy, especially on the hand-like feet.



Isis and her Sacred Hawks Pencils

Another Egyptian Goddess for my upcoming book series on Mythology… Stay Tuned True Believers…

So what’s the deal here…

#1- Taking back some great work done for a project that never went anywhere and re-purposing it …ask me for the story sometime!

#2- This project is also about taking back the name ISIS!! Isis was worshiped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden, but she also listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers. Isis is often depicted as the mother of Horus, the falcon-headed deity associated with king and kingship (although in some traditions Horus’s mother was Hathor). Isis is also known as protector of the dead and goddess of children.


Cretan Bull Pencils

Another Classic Creature from Greek Mythology- the Cretan Bull!


Lord of the Flies – Pencils

This was going to have more elements- the kids with spears, a bonfire etc. and then I realized- Less is More.

Pig Head and Flies, and I really was happy with the final result…


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