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Spent some time the last few weeks on this study of UMEX the main villain from “Lords of the Cosmos”. UMEX is Part machine, part biological warfare organism with both parts of his body in constant conflict.  I need to keep refining him as a principal image and main character, but I think I’m on the right path, disgusting flesh and angular metal always makes a nice contrast!

Jason Lenox Lord Umex Model Sheet (2)

Jason Lenox Lord Umex Model Sheet

SCI FI VALLEY CON III- 2014 Commissions

From last weekend- some outlandish commissions- Much love to Ashley and her work keeping my friend GREEN MAN’s Memory alive!


Jason Lenox Zombie Kim

GREENMAN Lenox - Copy

sci fi 2014 Lenox commission


sci fi 2014 Lenox commission (2)

Wizard World Philadelphia 2014 Commissions

Some fun commissions from last week in the City of Brotherly Love!

Special Note-Daleks are a PAIN to draw on the fly!  I used a dime and nickel on all the circles!!

Ghost Rider Lenox

Lenox Dalek Commission

Lenox Cheshire Cat


LORDS OF THE COSMOS: “Lords of the Cosmos” Logo – Final Pencils

Final Pencils for my next “LORDS OF THE COSMOS” artwork. This is the Heroes Logo-”The Lords of the Cosmos” . The planet Aiden and the Sword of the Hero “Aegeus” are the featured elements in this insignia.

I felt this showed the heroic nature of the protectors of the planet and was a great contrast visually and from a graphic arts perspective an opposite design to the Cybernetic hand of Umex I just completed prior to this.  Using a triangle and different shapes and elements to the villains logo provides a visual contrast to the different factions in the world of Aiden we are building.

One note- Rings around a planet- very hard to get even close to looking correct!  I think this will be a fun piece of artwork to ink… so keep your eyes peeled.

Lords of the Cosmos Logo

Grim Reaper Pencil Commission

A pencil sketch commission at Free Comic Book Day of the Grim Reaper- some classic imagery!

Grim Reaper Jason Lenox

LORDS OF THE COSMOS: “Disciples of Umex” Logo – Pencils

The first piece of graphic design for my new project “LORDS OF THE COSMOS”. This is the logo for the Villains- the “Disciples of Umex”

A Mechanical Hand covered in artificial skin, with a vast mechanical eye staring outwards outlined by a hexagon.

This is the symbol of the Terrorist Army which is led by their Master: the Biological and Mechanical Terror known only as “Lord Umex”.

The logo could be worn as jewelry, branded into skin, carved into stone, or engraved on metal armor in his army of bio-mechanical/magic wielding/whip carrying/monstrous soldiers. The people of the Planet Aiden view this symbol with abject horror in my upcoming story as the back story of this group of “divine evil” brings havoc to the civilian population.

As a project visual architect, getting the logo and basic design down first is important when world building, Dennis Fallon and Jason Palmatier have been working on the character bible and scripts for about 7 months now, so I am getting started up (or caught up) on the art chores to bring the story of “LORDS OF THE COSMOS” to life- keep an eye out for more artwork and updates as I get time to create them!

Disciples of Umex Logo Jason Lenox

Awesome Con 2014 Commissions

Four Commissions from Clients from AwesomeCon in Washington D.C. – Two in Ink, and Two in Pencil.  Always fun and a challenge doing artwork onsite with little to no reference, a time limit and tons of lively people!

Jason Lenox commission3

jason lenox commission1

Jason Lenox commission2

Jason lenox commission4

Whatley Creature Commission

My other Nittany Con Commission from last weekend- a Unicorn/Eagle with a Devil Tail… a “Whatley”

Lenox Whatley Creature

Kitty Pryde Commission

Just a quick fun sketch of Kitty Pryde from the X-Men I did at Nittany Con last weekend.  I wanted to emphasize and show her power to move through objects, so she is shifting up through an angled floor/object.  Good stuff.

Kitty Pryde Sketch- Jason Lenox

Hellboy Day Sketch

In Honor of Big Red’s 20th anniversary, a wee sketch commission for a client on Hellboy Day!  Thanks Mike Mignola for this awesome creation, and some amazing artwork since 1994!

Lenox Hellboy Day

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