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The transfer to pen and ink led to multiple changes here- especially with the 4 hands that Sun Wukong has.

Very complex anatomy and angles on a monkey that is “sort of” human…  a challenging project indeed.




This turned out with the low light extreme lights and darks looks that I intended from the pencils.  I always have thought the low light night vision images of soldiers were very dramatic, and I wanted to capture that here.  The wrecked building silhouette was something I experimented with in the M.D. Geist art I did here a few months ago.  This building outline is more of an integral part of the composition on this piece and this time I went farther with that process than I did on the M.D. Geist image.   I think the building outlines in solid black technique is a nice new addition to my inking style.


Predator and Hounds – Inks

The textures on the hounds proved the hardest part of the entire inking portion of this project- and the helmet on the Predator was also tricky!


Predator and Hounds Jason Lenox

“Prehistoric Productions” Logo – Inks

Final inks for this awesome little dinosaur head shot!

Jason Lenox Tyrannosaurus Rex

“Crossed” Torture Scene – Final Inks

The black spaces just seemed to make the gore stand all so much more on this ultra violent project!  Enjoy the terror of “Crossed”!

Jason Lenox Crossed

MD Geist Final Inks

Really wanted to use my solid black spaces to build an enviroment around this mostly black suit.  I was happy with the final result.

Jason Lenox MD Geist

Fantasy Artwork Elf and Warforged – Inks

Some fine pen and ink work really brought out the old school RPG look on this artwork!

Jason Lenox Elf and Warforged

Robocop Vs. ED-209 Commission – Final Inks

In it’s full pen and ink glory, some of my favorite childhood characters slugging it out….  Who will win?

Robocop ED209 Jason Lenox Inks

Joker Proposes to Harley Quinn Commission – Final Inks

Several weeks of inking…. final commission of Joker and Harley!  The solid blacks in Harley really brought the inking to life on this piece!

Jason Lenox Harley and Joker

Art of Jason Lenox Vol. 3 Back Cover Sketches

I just wrapped up all 14 of these- lots of fun using a marker on a tight schedule with a huge variety of subjects, from “Call of Cthulhu” to “Full Metal Jacket”!


Lenox Back Sketch Cover 7

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 2

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 1Lenox Back Sketch Cover 5

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 6Lenox Back Sketch Cover 4

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 8Lenox Back Sketch Cover 3

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 9

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 11

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 12

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 13

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 14

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 10

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