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S.C.A.R. Derby- Happy Valley Dolls vs. Crown City Rollers – Nov 10th, 2012 Bout Poster- Pencils

State College Area Roller Derby is a skater owned and operated women’s flat-track derby league in State College, Pennsylvania. Also known as “S.C.A.R” these women fight other teams for dominance on their home turf skating rink known as Penn Skates in State College, PA.   My friend and super colorist from UGLI STUDIOS PRESENTS #1, Dani Kaulakis,  skates for these uber violent women, who are also nicknamed the “Happy Valley Dolls”.  Dani asked me earlier this year to bring my talents to the S.C.A.R. Table for an event tenatively called “November to Dismember”… and how can I say no to these ladies?  Of course thinking of women and dismemberment, I envsioned Kali- the Hindu Goddess of Time and Change- who is normally found with some classic old time violent imagery… I modified that with some stock photos of the Dolls Logo and Uniforms and came up with our new Super Roller Bitch– “Happy Valley Kali”!.  Much love to my color goddess Dani- I hope you all enjoy this project as I have creating this wonderful bit of old time religious artwork mixed in with S.C.A.R.’s in your face attitude!


Full Size Anatomy Study of 4 armed Roller Goddess- Kali of SCAR…. Ended up not liking the off center with the constraints of the page size and not wanting to lose any of the body above the hips.  This was a good exercise to the final pencil layout.


Thumbnail of Roller Goddess- Kali of SCAR….


Old Time Lithograph of Goddess Kali and the Happy Valley Dolls Logo- a match made in Hell.













Vandalettes of Vero Beach – “Not Another Zombie Apocalypse!” Women’s Roller Derby Poster – Final Inks

The Final inks for the Vandalettes of Vero Beach Fall Flat Track Roller Derby Match….. The evolution of this piece from Pencil, to Line Inks, to Final Shading- I give you…

                         “Not ANOTHER Zombie Apocalypse!!”


Vandalettes of Vero Beach – “Not Another Zombie Apocalypse!” Women’s Roller Derby Poster – Line Inks

Progess on this poster- all lined inks now- next step- shading!

Vandalettes of Vero Beach – “Not Another Zombie Apocalypse!” Women’s Roller Derby Poster – Pencils

The Zombie Apocalypse- yeah, it’s played out now, and getting really old and cliched- fast.  But some of my close friends at the Vandalettes of Vero Beach Womens Flat Track Roller Derby Team really really wanted me to make a poster- with you guessed it- the Zombie Apocalypse.  “Cute Girl Fighting Zombies” they said.  Ok, so I tricked it out with some nods to  1985’s “Day of the Dead” some 80’s pop culture imagery (I’m having visions of “Big Trouble in Little China” and “Blade Runner”) by throwing in the Rising Sun in the background- for no good reason.  Then I decided to make this go totally Japanese Exploitation/ KILL BILL by adding the big Kanji Symbol for “Samurai” in the background and giving the roller girl a katana- for no good reason.  I’m sensing we will color this with pastels and neon to trick it out like it’s all from 1985 or walking off the set of “Miami Vice” like it’s Friday Night on NBC in 1984- for no good reason.  All that being said, this layout for a poster just pops to the eyes, and yes I’m pimping myself that hard in this post.   I really worked to get the anatomy and pose just right down to the pom poms on the socks to really make our Caucasian Samurai Girl fighting Zombies look as real and dynamic as it comes (sketch studies included), with all apologies to Beatrix Kiddo…. And this is my pop culture kitsch piece of 2012 via the 80’s… I give you….”Not Another Zombie Apocalypse!”









“Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter”- Full Color Pinup

Some awesome colors from Dani Kaulakis on my Ink Work for this upcoming Trade Paperback for Viper Comics!

Ichabod Jones : Monster Hunter – Pinup, Final Inks

This is the final inked version of the “Ichabod Jones:Monster Hunter” Pinup for Viper Comics and Author Russell Nohelty.  Really thought the Monster’s hand and forearm brought out the creepy element, also the flabby/decomposing left tricep as well really had a nice grotesque skin quality to it.

Ichabod Jones : Monster Hunter – Pinup, Pencil Layout

I’m working on this pinup right now for uber cool writer Russell Nohelty and his current project Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter from Viper Comics.  “Ichabod” has been getting great reviews from Aint it Cool News , Word of the Nerd, Fellowship of the Geeks,  One Geek Nation as well as My Comic Network.  I’m really excited to be a small part of this project and to support the project as a pinup artist as it hits the Comic Con circuit this year in Trade Paperback.  Could it be that this humble artist will have a piece at the San Diego Comic Con in 2012?

“Gathering” Promo One Sheet

The good folks at Gray Haven Comics asked me to do this to help promote the Anthology I am working on a piece for.  This will be out in October, the below piece will start making the rounds sooner- enjoy!  I took some of the images from the comic, and made a new image with a closeup of the antagonist who we didnt get a ncie closeup of.  I tried for a minimalist inking for a different spooky look, as opposed to my normal hyper black and white detailed approach.

Grizelda Collaborative Logo

Some really great collaborative artwork from the “Through the Eyes of Grizelda” Team.  Cat Silhouette of Grizelda by yours truly- Jason Lenox, Bad Ass Pentagram by Letterist David Paul and Dani Kaulakis Color Goddess with the digital merge to bring it all together!!




INDIGLOW- Black Light Contest Painting

This is my finalist entry into the “INDIGLOW” black light art contest sponsored by RED BULL at the Nightclub INDIGO in State College, PA.  The theme was to use a 4×4 gator board and take artwork that we entered on facebook in the preliminary round and make it a “black light” poster.  I entered page 4 of the GREAT VERMIN short story.  This was difficult since I dont paint normally, I dont like large surfaces to work on, and fluorescent paint is almost impossible to work with.  While difficult, I was pleased with the final result- win or lose!  So here are some progress pictures I took of the project from start to finish.    If you want to come out and support me- the final event and party will be at INDIGO Nightclub located 112 West College Avenue, State College, Pennsylvania on April 4th at 9pm.  To vote for my entry, you need to use RED BULL can tabs.  Hope to see you there!

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