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KANTARA Issue #3 pinup artwork for Wyrlwynd – Final Inks

Channeling my inner child of 80’s D&D artwork, I wrapped the ink for my friends at KANTARA for their issue #3 pinup- Enjoy!



“A Once Crowded Sky” -Character Pinup- THE SURVIVOR- Pencils

Tom King was an amazing writer I met at NYCC in October 2012- his book “A Once Crowded Sky” is his attempt to do prose to the super hero genre.  After NYCC- we spoke about doing a pinup of a character for paperback release of the book. Tom sent me all of the character designs, and due to the story, no villians – Save one- “THE SURVIVOR”   in Tom’s words is…

The novel begins after all the villains have been killed off, so we didn’t really do designs for them. The only villain listed in the designs is Survivor, a character sort of like a more sophisticated Vandal Savage, an intelligent man with no actual powers whose been around for a few thousand years and whose immortality depends on him killing people. No one’s sketched him yet (he’s just a guy in a suit)……he’s basically a dignified guy in his early 50s with white hair, a sort of calm, modern CEO type who has always been on the wrong side of moral history (a Nazi, a slave trader, etc.). 

Figuring a guy in a suit, slave trader, or a nazi etc. by itself was boring, I did a tryptych of the SURVIVOR as a Roman General, CEO and Nazi SS Officer, to show him passing through time… the overall effect was well, disturbing.  Hopefully this helps Tom King get one of his characters more fully fleshed out!


S.C.A.R. Derby- Happy Valley Dolls vs. Crown City Rollers – Nov 10th, 2012 Bout Poster-Final Color Version

The final cleaned up and colored SCAR poster- colors by the infamous “Danni Savage” a/k/a– my color goddess.  Enjoy and catch the bout!  Look for this poster around Centre County!

S.C.A.R. Derby- Happy Valley Dolls vs. Crown City Rollers – Nov 10th, 2012 Bout Poster- Inks with Final Edits v.3

The “final” inked version of the promo poster for the S.C.A.R. Happy Valley Dolls November bout- cleaned up, offensive material deleted, safe for kids.  Everyone is happy and content.  The colored version will be around town before you know it!  IF YOU ARE A FAN, and you see this poster around town- take a picture of you with the poster and email it to me, and you will receive a prize!



“Death Goddess” – Pencils

Since the original Derby Goddess has been scrapped to a more PC “Good Girl” art, I took the original and stripped it down to make her evil twin “Bad Girl”- the  Death Goddess.  Now she has a purse of faces stitched together filled with human bodies, the doll parts are real parts now (heads and arms/hands) and she has all the blood added back to her face and blade.  The interesting thing is to see how the Derby Goddess (Bottom Right)  turned into two different pieces, (Good Girl- Bottom Left and Death Goddess, main top image) so that’s kinda neat to see three iterations on the same theme/piece.










S.C.A.R. Derby- Happy Valley Dolls vs. Crown City Rollers – Nov 10th, 2012 Bout Poster- Pencils with New Edits v.2

Another round of edits to make this piece more politically correct.  Most of the detail has been removed, sword, doll heads, doll parts are out, skulls are now altered to be more “friendly”.





“Infect Scranton” – Zombie Print ; Final Inks

Final version (thanks David Paul!) with inks and lettering for the INFECT SCRANTON Show I am doing next month on 9/22/12.  This will be for sale in a print, and it may show up in some RPG stuff as well.  I was pleased with the changes on the right hand (see pencils below) and the general textures and the 3 areas of body damage.  Overall I liked the gloss look I got on the blood using just blacks, as well as the look of the arm tendons, face muscles, intestines inside the areas of body damage.  Also, of note- I loved the wrinkles I got into the tank top, it makes the clothes pop in my opinion.



S.C.A.R. Derby- Happy Valley Dolls vs. Crown City Rollers – Nov 10th, 2012 Bout Poster- Pencils with New Edits

This is the updated pencils on this piece- fixed up the hands, altered the nose, and fleshed out (no pun intended) the skulls as opposed to heads for the necklace.  Also, changed the arms and heads being held in the left hand to doll parts- a little “lighter” violence I suppose?  Keep up with the ladies of SCAR Derby as we move closer to “November to Dismember”!!

“Infect Scranton” – Zombie Print ; Pencils

This is a little Zombie artwork Im making as a print for the INFECT SCRANTON event Ill be exhibiting at Artist Alley in September, 2012.  Ill be showcasing all of my Zombie and Undead art to the Zombie film faithful!

The Painted Ladies of San Quentin- Character Study/Poster and Cover to UGLI STUDIOS PRESENTS #2; Pencils

Our Next Comic Project from UGLI STUDIOS, and the next Feature tale in Ugli Studios Presents #2- The Painted Ladies of San Quentin- Featuring our new Main Character: Elijah Holman-  “The Americano” – set in 1850 California it’s got action, double crosses, guns, dames and even something to learn about the Golden State!  So get fired up for the exciting first tale of- Elijah Holman and he crosses paths with Mistress Jessica Belmont, Railworker Assassin Xi Chou Long, Sheriff Tom Potter and a gang of Ruthless Mexican Banditos from across the deserts of the southwest– Adios for now partners, and enjoy the updates as UGLI STUDIOS goes “Western” for the next few months!

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