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Last Starfighter: Attack on the Ko-Dan Armada Pencils

Another classic 80’s sci-fi film being adapted to a pinup- this time- I was commissioned to do THE LAST STARFIGHTER.  Taking my favorite character- the creepy ultra detailed military leader LORD KRIL as a focus, I built the layout around him.   I really loved Kril’s costume and makeup as a kid, especially his monocle, so it was really fun to work on this individual character.  The makeup people and costume designers spared no effort on this character in 1984, so I really wanted to the Armada’s Commander  some artistic justice!

To fill out the page, and show more items that fans love from the movie-I decided to have him watching the GUNSTAR on a view screen while it attacked a swarm of his “v” shaped DECK FIGHTERS- aligned in somewhat straight rows.  This way I could have a character and the iconic vehicles fighting in space at the same time.

The hardest part about this project is the simple fact that there almost no decent photo/prop reference at all. I had to spend extra time doing research online and freeze framing my DVD to capture the extreme details of the costume and equipment specifications to get my artwork as close to accurate as possible.

I always want to make an unique composition and not just “copy a still shot” from the film, while at the same time being very accurate with the exact details & specifications from an existing media property.  Overall, I was happy that I was able to achieve both goals while paying respect to the property I loved as a kid while making an original piece of artwork that was loyal to the film, but something new for fans to enjoy on it’s own merit.

Ok true believers- time to suit up, and join the Star League to protect the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada!!

Jason Lenox Last Starfighter Ko-Dan Armada with Lord Kril

The “FLY” Brundlefly Final Inks

So here are the final inks for my “Brundlefly” commission/pinup.

I am continuing a stylistic experiment in my inking with more large areas of black to build out my detailed areas- this is another step in that process.

I am really happy with the blacks highlighting the telepod chamber and the creature’s lit anatomy.  Overall, I think the final product turned out very well as a completed pen and ink.

Brundlefly Jason Lenox

The “FLY” Brundlefly Pencils

Another commission for a client- this one is from the 1986 Sci Fi film- THE FLY which had some great practical special effects with the transformation of the main character into a fly-human hybrid, the “Brundlefly”.  So for this project, I wanted to highlight the creature which plays to my inking skills to really make the grotesque come to life, and I wanted to show the iconic teleportation pod.

From a composition & lighting viewpoint, I wanted to back light the creature and make some large dark areas of solid black, so you can see my backlit lighting layout in the blank spaces coming out of the right side of the  Brundlefly and the left side is just a small lit outline.

So without further fanfare- here are my finished pencils for “THE FLY”

Jason Lenox THE FLY Brundlefly


“There has been too much violence. Too much pain. But I have an honorable compromise. Just walk away. Give me your pump, the oil, the gasoline, and the whole compound, and I’ll spare your lives. Just walk away and we’ll give you a safe passageway in the wastelands. Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror.”  – THE LORD HUMUNGUS

The final inks really brought out all the elements of this pinup, one major fix from the pencils was getting the anatomy on Humungus’s left arm fixed.  So without further fanfare- MAD MAX 2…

Jason Lenox Mad Max 2 Humungus Final Inks



“Greetings from The Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!”

Another great commission for a client- MAD MAX 2- THE ROAD WARRIOR!  I was told to make a pinup based on this movie using any elements from the film I felt would work- So I made a list of my favorites- and came up with  Lord Humungus, Wez, Toadie and the Vehicles that Humungus drives around with the two hostages tied to the front.  After playing with the composition a bit, I used the same tilted background with the vehicle to show that off with Humungus and Wez paired up in the foreground.  I really liked how it turned out and I really am excited to ink this project soon!


Mad Max Humungus Jason Lenox




Immortan Joe- Mad Max Fury Road – Final Inks

I really made it a point to accent some solid blacks in the background vehicle, the Gigahorse,  and kept the foreground character, Immortan Joe, ghostly white.

So without further delay- my MAD MAX FURY ROAD pinup fully inked!

Immortan Joe Mad Max Jason Lenox

Immortan Joe- Mad Max Fury Road Pencils

This is the final pencils for my Immortan Joe pinup commission that I am working on.  Since the visual excitement from this character comes from his face, I really decided to make that the focus of the composition.  Also I rotated the horizon line  to force some motion into the artwork by making you tilt your head a bit as a viewer.  Since the Mad Max films are always about the cars, I wanted to get Joe’s car the “Gigahorse” to fill in the background. It made for a really fun image to fill the space in the top third of the composition.

Immortan Joe - Fury Road Jason Lenox

Taarna Final Inks

Finally got the hand drawn inks for this collaborative project done, right in the nick of time for Awesome Con 2015 this weekend.

Presented in the classic pen and ink style that I love to do… my friend Maki Roll as Taarna…


Maki is Taarna Jason Lenox

Maki is Taarna 2015 Pinup Art- Pencils

What started off as a conversation on facebook about my friend Maki Roll asking people “what should she wear as a costume?”  and me saying “Taarna from 1981’s Heavy Metal” has turned into a full blown experiment in artwork,cosplay and artist alley commerce where Maki is going to build a Taarna costume and I will create artwork of her as the character with the classic bird/steed that Taarna rides around on.  Our plan is to jointly debut and sell this as a print at Awesome Con May 29-31 in Washington DC at my Artist Alley Table with Maki being dressed at Taarna for the event!

So check out Maki’s fan page on facebook here and her website store is here.

Here are the final pencils for the project…

Maki Roll is Taarna Heavy Metal Movie Jason Lenox























Below are my figure studies for Maki and the Bird



Maki Roll is Taarna Figure Study Heavy Metal Movie Jason Lenox .

Maki Roll is Taarna Bird Study Heavy Metal Movie Jason Lenox

Lords of the Cosmos Page 29 Pencils

Page 29 of Lords of the Cosmos… almost wrapped on phase one, one more page to go. Aegeus hears and sees the world wide emergency message from King Yuril, and assembles his flight crew to move out the Lords of the Cosmos team into action on board one of their huge VTOL transports….

Lords of the Cosmos Page 29

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