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“Robot Girl and Ghost” : Realistic and Manga Versions- Submission Pencils

This is a project I was asked to do a few months ago, still in process waiting for feedback prior to inking it from a publisher.  I did it in my realistic style, then was asked to make it more “manga” so here are both versions in the pencil phase.




Predator and Hounds – Inks

The textures on the hounds proved the hardest part of the entire inking portion of this project- and the helmet on the Predator was also tricky!


Predator and Hounds Jason Lenox

Predator and Hounds – Pencils

Love the Predator movies so this was a treat to do.  From a pencil detailing standpoint the Predator’s armor was a challenge and his hounds were complex as anything you could imagine!  Overall the difficulty on this pencil artwork was high, which made the final outcome that much more satisfying!

The hardest part was the foilage of all things, but I went with some outlines and silhouettes to save time and make it look sharper.


Predator and Hounds Jason Lenox

“Crossed” Torture Scene – Final Inks

The black spaces just seemed to make the gore stand all so much more on this ultra violent project!  Enjoy the terror of “Crossed”!

Jason Lenox Crossed

Brave New World – Pencils

A personal piece for me- BRAVE NEW WORLD. I felt a strong connect to the character “THE SAVAGE” this year. If you have not read the book , pick it up and expand your mind. Enjoy.

Jason Lenox Brave New World

MD Geist Final Inks

Really wanted to use my solid black spaces to build an enviroment around this mostly black suit.  I was happy with the final result.

Jason Lenox MD Geist

MD Geist Pencils

A mecha suit from the 1980’s-  I really had fun with the odd background buildings and platform the character is standing on.  Really pleased with how this turned out.

Jason Lenox MD GEIST

Fantasy Artwork Elf and Warforged – Inks

Some fine pen and ink work really brought out the old school RPG look on this artwork!

Jason Lenox Elf and Warforged

Fantasy Artwork Elf and Warforged – Pencils

A really fun fantasy RPG style artwork I have been working on.


Elf and Warforged Fantasy Art Jason Lenox

Lords of the Cosmos Issue #2 new splash page intro pencils

BLAM- new intro page for the next issue as we wrap up the writing on issue #1


Lords of the Cosmos Issue 2 intro splash page Jason Lenox

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