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Satanic Bagpiper In Hell pt2 – Pencils

…And the Satanic Scotsman to Lead the way on the bagpipes!

Satanic Bagpiper In Hell pt1 – Pencils

Another large scale piece in my “Satanic Artwork” series… Stained Glass – so gorgeous, and so hard to make “right”!


Animal Farm Commission

A fun doodle from my show last weekend in Pittsburgh!

Lords of the Cosmos Sketch Covers 8-14

Part one of two of the sketch covers for the Kickstarter to LORDS OF THE COSMOS #1 which you can check out here !


Lords of the Cosmos Sketch Covers 1-7

Part one of two of the sketch covers for the Kickstarter to LORDS OF THE COSMOS #1 which you can check out here !



Sun Wukong “Monkey King” Pencils

A detour into ancient Chinese Mythology with the fabled “Monkey King”, Sun Wukong, of the tale Journey to the West.

Most of the art for this character is very humanoid, and I wanted to go real monkey, which was visually cool, but really hard with the odd anatomy, especially on the hand-like feet.




This turned out with the low light extreme lights and darks looks that I intended from the pencils.  I always have thought the low light night vision images of soldiers were very dramatic, and I wanted to capture that here.  The wrecked building silhouette was something I experimented with in the M.D. Geist art I did here a few months ago.  This building outline is more of an integral part of the composition on this piece and this time I went farther with that process than I did on the M.D. Geist image.   I think the building outlines in solid black technique is a nice new addition to my inking style.


Green Beret with Night Vision Goggles and HK 416 Machine Gun – Pencils, Client Commission.

A modern day warfare client commission.  Very fun piece to do with low light and Chiaroscuro setup for the inks.



“Robot Girl and Ghost” : Realistic and Manga Versions- Submission Pencils

This is a project I was asked to do a few months ago, still in process waiting for feedback prior to inking it from a publisher.  I did it in my realistic style, then was asked to make it more “manga” so here are both versions in the pencil phase.




Predator and Hounds – Inks

The textures on the hounds proved the hardest part of the entire inking portion of this project- and the helmet on the Predator was also tricky!


Predator and Hounds Jason Lenox

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