THEY LIVE Pinup – Final Inks

This piece seemed like it took FOREVER, and yeah back to work, family, home shows for my regular job, comic shows etc. etc. all got in the way.  However the end result turned out to be, well outstanding.  Yes I called my own work outstanding, because I really like this piece.

Took the CONFORM sign out, it started to make a tangent, really worked the crazy textures on the ghoul’s skin and veins, and just really took my time to deliver the artwork that I wanted to see from this classic movie.

Not much else to say except…

“I’ve got one that can see…. 
He’s a tall, Caucasian male….
Unarmed, wearing sunglasses….”


THEY LIVE Jason Lenox Low Res

Whatley Creature Commission

My other Nittany Con Commission from last weekend- a Unicorn/Eagle with a Devil Tail… a “Whatley”

Lenox Whatley Creature

Kitty Pryde Commission

Just a quick fun sketch of Kitty Pryde from the X-Men I did at Nittany Con last weekend.  I wanted to emphasize and show her power to move through objects, so she is shifting up through an angled floor/object.  Good stuff.

Kitty Pryde Sketch- Jason Lenox

Hellboy Day Sketch

In Honor of Big Red’s 20th anniversary, a wee sketch commission for a client on Hellboy Day!  Thanks Mike Mignola for this awesome creation, and some amazing artwork since 1994!

Lenox Hellboy Day

THEY LIVE Pinup – Pencils

THEY LIVE - Edited Pencils low res Jason Lenox
























“THEY LIVE” is my last “mainstream” pinup in the extended series I’ve been working on from late summer of 2013 before I go back into my next comic book project. If you consider a 1988 horror sci film from John Carpenter “mainstream”, congratulations, we are on the same wavelength!  To summarize- a loner (played by Roddy Piper) finds a set of black sunglasses that shows him the “rich” are ghoulish aliens that have the population sleeping through life while everything in print is a subliminal message- so a billboard says “OBEY” as an example.  There are also hidden pieces of technology (saucers, broadcast dishes) that monitor the populace while also reinforcing the messages in the print ads saying things like “SLEEP”.  The aliens also dress like rich people in the late 80′s and have wrist watches that they can report to their Headquarters on, and also teleport away in case of emergency. You can see alot of that cool stuff in this clip from the film here. It is a like a super powered episode of the OUTER LIMITS, and has some amazing imagery and concepts, and can be categorized as a true underground hit that has a fandom that 26 years later still holds the film in high regard- I just saw a photo goof on the Grammy Awards and Ellen DeGeneris that gave me the final nudge to do this piece and not another pinup- here is the “straw that broke Jason’s back” in my decision making process- and reminded me that “THEY LIVE” is a social statement of rebellion against authority held by the elite.  I find that is a theme I will always identify with.











So here are my ref pieces as well as my layout pieces- the composition evolved a bit, but stayed fairly consistent to show as many of the iconic elements in one piece of artwork. The faces on the Aliens were what changed the most- you can see this in my sketches and tracing paper overlays below.  I realized that fandom and film reference were inconsistent on the actual facial anatomy, so I really tried to stay close to the film for their appearance. I early on decided the POV from inside the sunglasses was the best and most exciting way to show the Aliens in a group, using their watches, and coming up on the viewer.   Then I put 4 of the iconic messages into the background – with OBEY being the main visual piece in the background, with the street signs and newspapers as the “support” messages.  So SLEEP CONFORM and REPRODUCE and enjoy this artwork- inks coming soon!


THEY LIVE Lenox thumbnail

THEY LIVE Lenox thumbnail (3)

THEY LIVE Lenox thumbnail (2)

They Live Background - Jason Lenox

THEY LIVE Jason Lenox Pencil Roughs

Lenox THEY LIVE thumbnail













































































































1932349_807424639302616_1065865726_n - Copy
























Art of Jason Lenox Volume #2 – Cover

So here is the new cover for my latest project- THE ART OF JASON LENOX VOLUME #2 ….the follow up to my first art book in 2012.  Which now make it a series, and that is really cool.

So- if you are reading this, and dig my work, and you know that is a killer cover, hit up the kickstarter link here and donate a few bucks and get some awesome swag from yours truly!

I also want to give props to graphic arts student Aaron Wharton for the execution of this in Photoshop, I would be lost without his expertise.

You can read Aaron’s musings at



Art of Jason Lenox Volume 2 Cover

Vampire Lich King – Final Inks

I think the inks just killed it here with the large black negative spaces contrasted against the white energy coming out of the eyesockets.  The skull texture and hair parallel contoured lines really sell the viewer on the image as having weight and depth- this turned out so old school Dungeons and Dragons, I’m ready to roll that D20 now!


Vampire Lich King Jason Lenox

3/6/14 – Nude Figure Studies in Pencil with Model- At Art Alliance of Central PA

Just three pieces from this session, the first one just was a bad one (included) but the second was good, and the last one could be my best figure drawing effort in the two years I have been at it.  I felt I just nailed it- foreshortening and all.  I was shocked with how fast I warmed up to getting into the swing of drawing this evening, I got in 30 minutes late, and didnt get my war up sketches, which made the session even more surprising.

…  Love those feet!

2014-03-06-225461jason lenox foreshortening

2014-03-06 225459


2014-03-06 225635



Aliens: Overrun Colonial Marine Checkpoint Pinup – Final Inks

So the Aliens/Colonial Marine project comes to a close- and I think I threw out my ALIENS rants and raves in my pencil post here, so I’ll focus on what challenges the inks brought me as I brought this piece to completion this week.

#1- I had to correct the 2 pt perspective on the UA571-C gun and 1 pt on the hallway in relationship to the hexagonal wall system, it was incorrect in the pencil stage.

#2- The Aliens “Blackness” I had them too black and used some white paint to rebuild some contrasts in the overlapping black on black areas. Then inked over them to bring them back to a more stippled gradation to match the rest of the inked rendering.  The Aliens are dark creatures in dark spaces, so it was a tight balance to bring to a proper level with the Aliens unique look and style in a low lighting environment.

#3- The spinning emergency lights (in every Aliens film) they were a bugger to get “right” in the inking process.

#4- the pipes and wires in the background- ugh, so cool to see, but so annoying to do!

Overall, I think this artwork ended up being the Aliens artwork that I wanted to see, and I have not encountered as an Aliens fan.  I geeked out on the final product, which is just a fun place to be as a creator and fan simultaneously to generate the content you want to see.  I look forward to seeing the response from others as this piece gets out to the public.

Aliens Colonial Marine Check Point Overrun  - Jason Lenox

Vampire Lich King – Pencils

This is a small one shot illustration I’m making for my friend by Mark Taormino’s new Role Playing Game module  ”The Hanging Coffins of the Vampire Queen”.  It’s a retro “old school” first edition D&D style book he did on Kickstarter, which you can see here .

The project was one character “Vampire Lich King”- so I made a list of elements to put together on this

1- An old testament style bible crown (the kind of stuff I recall from Sunday School when I was awake)

2- A modified/exaggerated skull with vampire fangs hiding in plain sight,

3- Glowing eyes set back in the eye sockets

4- An uptight outfit

5- Long wispy hair to show that the Lich was alive at one time

The inks will use the eyes as the “light” part of the composition and the rest of the artwork will play off a dark palette hidden in shadow.  For now even in pencil this really screams “Old School D&D” to me.  So I hope it helps out Mark’s book, which is a fun project to have an illustration like this in, and that his fans enjoy my contribution!


Vampire Lich Jason Lenox Pencils

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