OFF WHITE Fashion Line SS 2018

In one of the strangest turns of events with my artwork…

I am very excited to have some of my artwork being used officially in Virgil Abloh’s Off-White TM SS 2018 collection!

You can see the pants for sale HERE on the OFF-WHITE website.

My airbrushed bird artwork from the 1990’s was used on a pair of denim pants.  You can read about the original artwork on my website HERE.

I am now part of the world of High Fashion Streetwear.  Who would have ever thought?

Pictures Here…




I was inspired to really make a classic vision of the immortal Pegasus!

Pegasus 2 of 2

Pegasus 1 of 2

Gná and Hófvarpnir

An expanded version of this prior artwork found here.

Gná and Hófvarpnir 2 of 2

Gná and Hófvarpnir 1 of 2

Sphinx in the Valley of Kings

An updated version of this art from 2016 you can see here . I just wanted to see a more epic version of this creature and Egyptian Architecture.


Sphinx in the Valley of Kings 2 of 2

Sphinx in the Valley of Kings 1 of 2

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