Predator and Hounds – Inks

The textures on the hounds proved the hardest part of the entire inking portion of this project- and the helmet on the Predator was also tricky!


Predator and Hounds Jason Lenox

“Prehistoric Productions” Logo – Inks

Final inks for this awesome little dinosaur head shot!

Jason Lenox Tyrannosaurus Rex

Predator and Hounds – Pencils

Love the Predator movies so this was a treat to do.  From a pencil detailing standpoint the Predator’s armor was a challenge and his hounds were complex as anything you could imagine!  Overall the difficulty on this pencil artwork was high, which made the final outcome that much more satisfying!

The hardest part was the foilage of all things, but I went with some outlines and silhouettes to save time and make it look sharper.


Predator and Hounds Jason Lenox

“Prehistoric Productions” Logo – Pencils

A private client logo job- Always love to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex!!

Prehistoric Productions Jason Lenox TRex


“Crossed” Torture Scene – Final Inks

The black spaces just seemed to make the gore stand all so much more on this ultra violent project!  Enjoy the terror of “Crossed”!

Jason Lenox Crossed

Bast: Egyptian Goddess of Cats – Pencils

Another piece in the Mythology series, this time to Ancient Egypt’s Goddess of Cats- Bast!

Bast Egyptian Goddess of Cats Jason Lenox

“Crossed” Torture Scene – Pencils

A new piece of pencil artwork based on the ultra violent comic book “Crossed” depicting an S&M torture scene and summary execution of the victims at the hands of an infected dominatrix.  Enjoy, I have not gone to this level of gore/violence in a while.

Crossed Torture Scene Jason Lenox

Hermes and Pegasus in the Clouds – Pencils

The Greek God Hermes and his friend Pegasus on the tip of a mountain in the clouds.

Hermes and Pegasus Jason Lenox

Griffin flying over Delphi – Pencils

Here is the Majestic Mythological Beast- the Griffin soaring over the ancient city of Delphi!

Gryphon Greek Mythology Jason Lenox

Sobek and War Crocodile at the Nile River- Pencils

The Egyptian God Sobek and a creature that I imagined he would be spending time with- a massive War Crocodile raging around the Nile River!

Sobek Crocodile God and War Crocodile Jason Lenox

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