Hermes and Pegasus in the Clouds – Pencils

The Greek God Hermes and his friend Pegasus on the tip of a mountain in the clouds.

Hermes and Pegasus Jason Lenox

Griffin flying over Delphi – Pencils

Here is the Majestic Mythological Beast- the Griffin soaring over the ancient city of Delphi!

Gryphon Greek Mythology Jason Lenox

Sobek and War Crocodile at the Nile River- Pencils

The Egyptian God Sobek and a creature that I imagined he would be spending time with- a massive War Crocodile raging around the Nile River!

Sobek Crocodile God and War Crocodile Jason Lenox

Fenris & Nidhogg at Yggdrasil Pencils

More Norse Mythology and Norse Mythological Creatures in action!

This was a different type of dragon(the Nidhogg) for me, and loved doing the wolf (Fenris- son of Loki) and runestone with the Nordic rune for Yggdrasil on it!

Fenris and the  Nidhogg at Yggdrasil Jason Lenox

Cerebus – Pencils

Cerebus at the Gates of the Underworld… Another Mythological creature…. Ancient Greece!

Jason Lenox Cerebus at the Gates of the Underworld

Sphinx – Pencils

The Dangerous Sphinx  – Another Mythological Creature, welcome to Ancient Egypt!

Jason Lenox Sphinx


Brave New World – Pencils

A personal piece for me- BRAVE NEW WORLD. I felt a strong connect to the character “THE SAVAGE” this year. If you have not read the book , pick it up and expand your mind. Enjoy.

Jason Lenox Brave New World

Animal Farm Pencils

Just another idea I have had for a while to make another George Orwell Book Cover to follow up on my 1984 one from the other week.  Napoleon, the Dogs and The Barn….  A pleasure to make.

4 Legs Good… 2 Legs Better…

Animal Farm George Orwell Jason Lenox

MD Geist Final Inks

Really wanted to use my solid black spaces to build an enviroment around this mostly black suit.  I was happy with the final result.

Jason Lenox MD Geist

1984 George Orwell Pencils

One of my favorite books, and I really wanted to design a posted based on some of the best parts of 1984.




And guess who modeled for Big Brother…. ?

1984 George Orwell Jason Lenox

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