Immortan Joe- Mad Max Fury Road – Final Inks

I really made it a point to accent some solid blacks in the background vehicle, the Gigahorse,  and kept the foreground character, Immortan Joe, ghostly white.

So without further delay- my MAD MAX FURY ROAD pinup fully inked!

Immortan Joe Mad Max Jason Lenox

Immortan Joe- Mad Max Fury Road Pencils

This is the final pencils for my Immortan Joe pinup commission that I am working on.  Since the visual excitement from this character comes from his face, I really decided to make that the focus of the composition.  Also I tilted the horizon line of to force some motion into the artwork- this is really emphasized by the background where Immortan Joe’s car, “The Gigahorse” is also giving a strong visual cue to the fact that there is some motion and action in the artwork.  Taking a cue from 1966’s television classic “Batman” where the villains lairs were always tilted (to show their nefarious nature) this helps to show that Immortan Joe is indeed an evil character that accents his scary appearance.

Immortan Joe - Fury Road Jason Lenox

Dr Who Commission

Just a small sketch commission I made for a client of David Tennant in pen and ink, I threw a bit of color to accent his 3-D glasses.

Jason Lenox David Tennant

Awesome Con Commissions

Sinbad fighting a Sea Monster and a Zombie foot soldier… good stuff, loved the massive scale on Sinbad.

Jason Lenox Sinbad and a Monster Commission


Jason Lenox Undead Soldier

Taarna Final Inks

Finally got the hand drawn inks for this collaborative project done, right in the nick of time for Awesome Con 2015 this weekend.

Presented in the classic pen and ink style that I love to do… my friend Maki Roll as Taarna…


Maki is Taarna Jason Lenox

SCI FI VALLEY CON 2015 Show Commissions

Plastic Man’s Daughters, Cowboy Bebop and 1950’s Nuclear Holocaust…

Jason Lenox Stretchy Girls Commissions

Cowboy Bebop Spike Jason Lenox Commission

Nuclear Holocaust Commission Jason Lenox



Lords of the Comsmos- Colored Art Chapter 2

Just got this in for Chapter 2 of Lords of the Cosmos… Colors by Dani Kaulakis… Lords of the Cosmos Jason Lenox Chapter 2

Maki is Taarna 2015 Pinup Art- Pencils

What started off as a conversation on facebook about my friend Maki Roll asking people “what should she wear as a costume?”  and me saying “Taarna from 1981’s Heavy Metal” has turned into a full blown experiment in artwork,cosplay and artist alley commerce where Maki is going to build a Taarna costume and I will create artwork of her as the character with the classic bird/steed that Taarna rides around on.  Our plan is to jointly debut and sell this as a print at Awesome Con May 29-31 in Washington DC at my Artist Alley Table with Maki being dressed at Taarna for the event!

So check out Maki’s fan page on facebook here and her website store is here.

Here are the final pencils for the project…

Maki Roll is Taarna Heavy Metal Movie Jason Lenox























Below are my figure studies for Maki and the Bird



Maki Roll is Taarna Figure Study Heavy Metal Movie Jason Lenox .

Maki Roll is Taarna Bird Study Heavy Metal Movie Jason Lenox

Lords of the Cosmos – Cy-Corn Commission

A commission I did at Nittany Con of the Cybernetic Unicorn villain Cy-Corn from Lords of the Cosmos.

Another difficult character design to pull off, but very rewarding to get done for my client… who was the same gentleman that commissioned the Mordantix artwork I made in November 2014.

You can see that 2014 artwork here to see the other Lords of the Cosmos commission.


Cycorn from Lords of the Cosmos Jason Lenox



News Article from the Williamsport Sun Gazette – April 2015

Presented without commentary…

Jason Lenox in the Williamsport Sun Gazette

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